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The Civic Innovation Fund supports nongovernmental organizations’ initiatives that have the potential to change mentalities and develop the civic spirit. The local, regional or even national status quo can be changed when citizens get involved and act in a coordinated way to defend their interests and the communities they live in.

The Civic Innovation Fund is a funding program for non-governmental organizations, founded by the Civil Society Development Foundation in 2011 in partnership with the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and supported later on (since 2015) by the Romanian American Foundation and private donors from Romania, represented by the business sector in particular, through the following companies: Enel Romania, OMV Petrom, Ursus Breweries and Raiffeisen Bank.

The Civic Innovation Fund aims to be a catalyst for the potential of citizens to transform and develop their communities. Promoting democratic values, civic actions at both local and national level, formulating public policy proposals, monitoring public authorities and institutions are some of the possible directions for NGOs applying to this program.
This program supports the development of capacity and visibility of non-governmental organizations in Romania, especially small ones, with low access to funding.